Keeping Your Chickens Clucking

While there may be a debate about whether the chicken or the egg came first, there’s no question about the place to keep them both. A new chicken coop from Hometown Sheds will keep your flock *and* their eggs happy. Make It Your Own. All of the coops at Hometown Sheds come standard with amazing features like nesting boxes, roosting bars, keyed door entry and plywood flooring but, they can be customized for your flock, too. … [Read more...] about Keeping Your Chickens Clucking

10 Years Of Excellence at Hometown Sheds Gastonia

If you’ve ever visited our Hometown Sheds Gastonia location then you’ll recognize the familiar face and voice of Jeff Cooper. This month marks Jeff's 10 year anniversary with Hometown Sheds and we are excited to celebrate this milestone with him. Jeff is no stranger to the building industry. In 1998 he started with modular homes, and eventually became a construction manager. After over 12 years, he took his knowledge of … [Read more...] about 10 Years Of Excellence at Hometown Sheds Gastonia

Spring into Spring with Hometown!

It’s really cold here in the Southeast, and – shadow aside - even the groundhog is hoping for warmer weather. At Hometown, we’re getting ready for Spring by helping *you* get ready. Fun for Your Kids – and You! Playsets were all the rage last year, but the savviest of buyers knew that the playsets at Hometown are best on the market. Built by the Amish, the gym sets are wrapped in vinyl to eliminate splinters in little (and … [Read more...] about Spring into Spring with Hometown!

The Good in 2020

Nothing is all bad, and that includes the year 2020. As we looked back, we found lots of great things that happened at Hometown Sheds. We were able to keep serving during the pandemic. Since we are an essential business, we did not have to close during the initial shutdown. Our lot managers and our customers helped us comply with the safety mandates, and we are very grateful.We broke our sales record! People have really … [Read more...] about The Good in 2020

We Need a Little Thanksgiving Now

You've probably seen that many people are already putting up their Christmas trees. The song "We Need a Little Christmas" has never rung so true as it does this year. We don't blame you one bit for putting up that tree, but we don't want to forget Thanksgiving - that other really important holiday on the calendar. Most of all, we don't want to forget to stop and actually give thanks. And despite it all, there is still a … [Read more...] about We Need a Little Thanksgiving Now

Shop Small With Hometown Sheds

This holiday season we encourage you to shop small and support locally owned and operated businesses in your hometown. Hometown Sheds is a small “hometown” business and many of our products are created right here in the southeast. Before you shop for your shed, building, garage, or playset online or at the big box stores, come to Hometown Sheds. Locally Built. Many companies create “cookie cutter” buildings … [Read more...] about Shop Small With Hometown Sheds

Your New Shed Is Only A Click Or Call Away

Life is busy, and your time is important. At Hometown Sheds we make it easy for you to create the custom shed, building, garage, carport, or playset that you’ve been dreaming of – with just the click of a mouse or quick phone call.  While our local professionals are happy to show you around and help you customize your new shed in person, when time is of the essence or you’d simply prefer to shop from the comfort of home, … [Read more...] about Your New Shed Is Only A Click Or Call Away

Plan Now For Your Custom Holiday Gifts

It’s hard to believe as the leaves are just beginning to fall that’s it time to start thinking about the holidays. Since the quality handcrafted pieces from Hometown are customized, now is the time to think about creating the perfect gift in order to ensure holiday fulfillment and delivery. Whether you’re looking for a new playset for the kids or grandkids, or that she shed your wife has been wanting all year, we’re here to … [Read more...] about Plan Now For Your Custom Holiday Gifts

Building Your Storage Solutions From The Ground Up

You’ve always heard the saying, don’t judge a book by its cover. The same is true when comparing sheds. The sheds at Hometown are built locally from the ground up, custom made to fit your needs. From the time you step foot onto one of our many local lots, you’re more than just a number. Our consultants will meet with you to discuss your needs and create a plan for your project. Unlike other buildings, the sheds at Hometown … [Read more...] about Building Your Storage Solutions From The Ground Up

A Playset from Paw Paw

Like all good grandfathers, Paw Paw loved his grandchildren, and he was always thinking about him. A few years ago, Paw Paw came to our location to purchase a storage building for his yard. While he was there, he noticed our playsets, and of course, he began imagining how much his grandbabies needed to have one. Paw Paw decided that when he passed away, he was going to leave a playset as a legacy. We were saddened when we … [Read more...] about A Playset from Paw Paw